The features of the access channel to the Port of Pasajes imply limitations in the size of ships that may sail/manoeuvre in the port area.

These limitations are mainly based on recomendations issued by the Pilotage
Association and regulated by means of rules issued by the relevant authorities.

This selective system establishes some limitations based on length, draft and tidal periods as well as on the handling features of ships. This system, over the years, has proven to be well adapted to the conditions of the port and is easy to understand, apply and check by the authorities, users and services.

1. Ship Size


Length: 185 m. (From 175 to 185 m. see  ). Maximum length for vessels that require towing: 150 m.
Beam: 30m. Greater beam on exceptional occasions. See 
Draft: 28 feet fore- 29 feet aft (8.54 – 8.84m ). Exceptionally, this may be greater, depending on conditions, ships and tides. See

Lezo Docks

In general, length 160 m
Lezo Docks 2 & 3: Length 125 m (From 125 to 135 m  see )

2. Passage through the channel

Due to tidal considerations

Length greater than 130 m only on the rising tide (Special vessels 130 to 140 m  see )
Draft > 25 feet (7.62 m ) from 4 hr. before full tide to 3 hr. after.

Due to conditions of visibility (day light)

Length > 140 m ( 80 m ships without propulsion or towed)
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IMO Regulations concerning pilot ladders
  Regulations concerning the use of tugs Pilotage Services in the Port of Pasajes, Leaflet.    
Requires the technical estimate by the Pilotage Association before authorisation by the Port Authorities. Download form
It requires explicit authorization of the Port authority.

The special vessels with adicional maneuvering assistances between 130 and 140m. and 25 feet draft may request tide exemption to the Pilotage Association.